Work with Monica to learn how to find your soulmate and connect with them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

Are you serious about finding love? The Intentional Dating Method will create a roadmap to attracting and building a healthy and fulfilling relationship 

A Soul-filled Relationship can happen when you can:

  • Clarify the qualities that you are looking for in a partner and follow a roadmap for how to attract him/her
  • Craft questions to help you evaluate the right match
  • Discern if the one you are dating is the right match for a healthy and happy marriage
  • Evaluate boundaries to help you keep you feeling safe while leaning into vulnerability
  • Choose partners that encourage you to become your best and truest self
  • Learn methods of communicating that inspire emotional intimacy
  • Create more meaningful and less superficial connections 

If you are ready to attract the “one” and develop a deep soul-filled connection then click the link to set up a call with me.  


Empower yourself to make 2023 the year for love and transform your dating life from single to soulmate and attract the love you are so worthy of.

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Is the Intentional Dating Package the only package you offer?

No. I offer a coaching package that focuses on polarity – feminine/masculine to help you build a healthy foundation for a relationship. I also offer a discernment package which was inspired by Ignatius Spirituality to help you clarify your way forward.

How many sessions does each package offer?

It depends on the package you choose.

What is the price?

The packages start at $589.00.

How do the sessions work?

We meet via zoom to work through the workbook together. In addition to the workbook, I also individualize the coaching package to your specific needs, including creating resources. During the sessions I support you through any challenges or blocks that come up for you.

Am I guaranteed to meet my match?

No, there is no quick fix to meet your perfect match. But, I believe as you continue to practice intentional dating you will attract the right person to you.

Can you support me with the relationship I am in?

The coaching program is meant to help you gain confidence so that you can make the best decisions for your relationship.

Is it individual or group coaching?



The Intentional Dating Personalized Coaching Package will include:


Part I: Intentional Dating 

Streamline the dating process and empower yourself to make the right decisions for your relationships regarding what you need in a partner emotionally and mentally.

Part II: Awaken Your Feminine/Masculine Side

Craft your communication to allow your femininity/masculinity to become magnetic.

Part III: Be Your Authentic Self and Lean Into Vulnerability

Lean into vulnerability and let your true self shine.

Part IV: Discern

Inspired by Ignatian Spirituality, learn a structured discernment process to help you contemplate if he/she is the right one for you.


In addition, you will also get:

-A workbooks to help you work toward attracting a soul-filled relationship

-A free copy of my amazon best selling book “From Toxic to Soulmate Love”

-45-minute coaching sessions over Zoom Conferencing

-Complimentary access to all of the Virtual Dating Events

-Email support

Responsibilities as your coach:

  • 100% commitment to you
  • An interactive dialogue
  • Help you reach your relationship goals
  • A friend and sister for your journey

Your responsibility

  • Being honest with yourself
  • Willing cooperation to listen to advice
  • Accountability for positive change
  • Completing homework
  • Being creative and having fun with it!

***Monica Braun was proudly selected by Brainz Magazine as one of 500 companies and Influential Leaders who are recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievement, and dedication to helping others.

BR 500 Large

I started Monica’s program in hopes to help me clear my mindset of toxic relationship I was in. Monica was a great listener and gave me tips and tools to improve my mindset and empower myself. I am now engaged to be married! 

Melissa, Retail Manager

Monica’s coaching helped me prioritize the values I was looking for in a man and taught me a process in which to find him. I am now happily engaged!

Dominique, Educational Assistant

I had a fair amount of dating experience before I started working with Monica, but I was still blind to some of my unhealthy thinking habits and conversational weaknesses. Monica’s exercises helped me overcome what had caused me to stumble with several other women, and I successfully started a strong relationship by the end of the 12-week program that lead to an engagement and marriage!

Aaron, Logistics Coordinator

The coaching program helped me take risks that led to me meeting my fiance.  By learning how to become vulnerable I was able to live my best life!

Kevin, Recruiting Manager 

I used to struggle with my self confidence with women. After applying the exercises, I am signifcantly more confident and can interact with women with a self assurance and  composure that has lead to an amazing relationship!

Patrick, Prosecuting Attorney

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