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We have often heard the term “soulmate.”

What is a soul mate, after all?

I like to define a soul mate as someone who is a fit with your soul.

Why do we have a soulmate?

God has created and matched two beings together to help them fulfill God’s plan.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

I know what you are thinking, there is not just really one person meant for you, is there?

Actually, there is!

In Familiaris Consortio JPII speaks several times about the soul and this union of souls in marriage:

As an incarnate spirit, that is a soul which expresses itself in a body and a body informed by an immortal spirit, man is called to love in his unified totality. Love includes the human body, and the body is made a sharer in spiritual love.

So, as you can see, spouses are not just made to love each other in the physical form but the spiritual as well.

What a remarkable feeling to know that God has created you in the most precise way in order to be a match for your spouse!

This love is a sacred bond and gift.

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After all, love is a journey!

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