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dating coach Monica Braun, her soulmate Chris, and their children

I dated the wrong men for 17 years. When I met my perfect match, I knew immediately because I developed a step by step intentional dating process that I applied to my own life. We were married a year later. 

This is the same process that I help single women use to overcome their heartache and find their perfect match, just like I did. I am happy to announce that after working with countless singles, I have a handful of past clients who are now engaged!

Not only do I have personal experience that transformed my dating life, I also completed a 9 month mentorship with world renowned speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author Marianne Williamson.

I believe there is someone out there for everyone! Let my Intentional Dating Package show you how!

Speaking Engagements

dating coach Monica Braun, her soulmate Chris, and their children

Monica is available for speaking engagements upon request for the following topics: women’s empowerment, healing, christian/catholic topics, relationships, business, among other topics.

Feel free to email her at: soultosoul@monicamariebraun.com

I just finished Monica’s wonderful program, and I highly recommend it for anyone who feels called to the vocation of marriage, especially those who have waited for this vocation longer than he or she would have wanted. Monica has given me tools, concepts, and insights that I will continue to apply and use in my dating life. Monica has been such a wise, insightful, supportive, and encouraging presence in my life – it has been such a gift to have a great friend walk beside me as I navigate the dating world. Thank you, Monica!!

Katie, Nurse

Monica truly cares about connecting with singles and helping them grow into empowered people after God’s own heart. Each person is unique, and Monica is committed to creatively personalizing her program to the individual needs of her clients”

Christie, English Teacher

Before coaching, I struggled with self confidence. After coaching it was as if I was a better person taking the first step towards a relationship rather than being shy or over thinking”

Scott, Ministry Leader

Monica is an excellent coach! She is genuinely invested in the success of her clients and cares about you as a person. I felt so supported by her! The materials that she gives are specifically tailored and very relevant because she truly listens to what you have to say. My biggest takeaway from working with Monica is perseverance: keeping focused and having fun in the process.

Andrea, Respiratory Therapist

While working with Monica, I felt at ease and completely supported with my personalized goals for the program. After completing her program, I have an increased sense of self-awareness, confidence in myself, and a greater understanding of who I’m looking for in a Christ-centered relationship.

Lisa, Behavior Anaylist

Learning how to approach women, dating, and finding the One can be a very emotional journey oftentimes met with frustrations, self-doubt, and anger. I am so glad that Monica had my back every time. She consistently checked in to see how I am doing, gave practical suggestions, reminded me of who I am, and provided helpful perspectives to help me gain back my confidence. I am grateful for the thoughtful meditations she prepared and the self-reflective questions that she provided.

Khoa, Mission Executive in Health Care

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