Dating Challenge

Monica Braun crossed over from struggling with dating to being happily married and she wants to show you how

Are you serious about finding love? Let Intentional Dating be the roadmap to help you find your perfect match.

What is Intentional Dating?

  • Clarify the qualities that you are looking for in a partner
  • Choose the right dating platform
  • Craft questions to help you evaluate the right match
  • Decide what kind of relationship you would like to have

If you need help with any of this and truly want to find the person of your dreams, purchase the group coaching package below for this one time pricing special for NCSC Dating Challenge participants!

Group Package Includes:

1 Workbook

4 60 minute sessions

Unlimited email support during the entirety of the coaching package

Complimentary access to Personalized Dating Events Via Zoom

Intentional Dating

Attract and build an emotional, spiritual, and mental connection in a personalized dating environment (via virtual dating events). Streamline the dating process and empower yourself to make the right decisions for your relationships.

Masculine/Feminine Energy- Polarity

Craft your communication. Help your femininity/masculinity to become magnetic. Attract the right partner and build emotional intimacy for a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

Be Your Authentic Self and Lean Into Vulnerability

Let your true self shine and emotionally unravel into the relationships that are right for you.

Prior to coaching with Monica, I was aware that my exuberant enthusiasm and confidence were coming off as very masculine and likely scaring men away. After working with Monica, she helped me realize that I can be calm and confident and this will attract the masculine energy of the men I am dating. She helped me identify and prioritize what I am attracted to spiritually and what personality traits and interests I desire in my future soulmate


Before working with Monica I struggled with attracting men who treated me well. After participating in Monica’s Feminine Energy/Intentional Dating Coaching Package, I have since attracted and connected with a quality man that I met from one of her live singles events that she hosts. He treats me like I have always wanted to be treated!


Make 2022 the year for love!

Intentional Group Dating Package (Special Package for NCSC Dating Challenge Participants)


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