Work with Monica to learn how to find your soulmate

Are you ready for a healthy relationship with a person you connect with emotionally, mentally, and physically?

Positive dating experiences happen when you can successfully:

  • Start and hold meaningful conversations with men/women
  • Choose the dating platform that will help you find your perfect match
  • Decide what you really want and know exactly how to get it
  • Ask questions that weed out toxic men/women and get you a second date, every time

If you need help with any of this and truly want to find the person of your dreams, we should chat! I’d love to learn more about you and share how I can help. Click the link and schedule a time for us to talk!


Is your love life in need of a tweak? Make 2020 the year for love. Take the next step and set up a call with me.

Let me help you find your soulmate today!

The Soul to Soul coaching package will include:

Part I:

Prioritize what is most important to you when it comes to finding your soulmate and choose a dating platform that will help you find him/her. We will also review your profile and implement research based strategies to help you attract your match and get a first date.

Part II:

Prepare for dates by choosing dialogue that help you hold meaningful conversations. I will help you understand masculine/feminine energy and how to implement it within your conversations. You will also learn how to ask the right questions to ensure they are the right match for you.

Part III:

I will provide you with feedback regarding how your date went and what can be improved so you can get a second date, which will lead to a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

At the end of your coaching services you will:

-Define what a soulmate is and why it’s important to find him/her in order to fulfill your destiny

-Prioritize what you are looking for in a partner and choose the right dating platform to find him/her

-Learn a system to ensure you are dating people who are compatible with you — heart, mind, body, and spirit

-Support you through the dating process by offering you feedback

-Provide you with coping strategies to deal with the stress/anxiety of dating and teach methods to help you feel emotionally safe while being vulnerable

-Learn ways to communicate with your match

-Remove emotional blocks from past relationships/experiences that you keep you stuck

-Gain confidence!

In addition, you will also get:

-A step by step plan created intentionally for you to lead you to your perfect match

-A workbook (including my proven 9 step process) with journal entries, visualization techniques, meditations, reflections, prayers)

-A free copy of my book “From Toxic to Soulmate Love”

-12 45-minute coaching sessions over Zoom conferencing over a 3-month period

-Email support

-Free unlimited pass to all of the virtual speed dating events I host

If you are ready to take control of your life, then let’s begin our journey — today!

Responsibilities as your coach:

  • 100% commitment to you
  • An interactive dialogue regarding what you need
  • An individualized plan to fit your specific needs
  • Help you reach your goals
  • A friend and sister for your journey

Your responsibility:

  • Being able to work on your interior self
  • Being honest with yourself
  • Willing cooperation with my program and advice
  • Accountability for positive change
  • Completing homework
  • Being creative and having fun with it!

*No refunds or exchanges allowed

I started Monica’s program in hopes to help me clear my mindset of toxic relationship I was in. Monica was more than a great listener and gave me so many tips and tools to use to help me better my mental status and get on the right track for myself. She has shown me that I do deserve more than I give myself credit for and there are men out there that want to give me what I want and be there for me. All of me. I will forever be thankful for the new thinking Monica has shown me and how I respect and honor myself now.

Melissa, Retail Manager 

Monica is such a woman of virtue! And quite the compassionate, devoted dating coach. She truly cares about connecting with women and helping them grow into empowered people after God’s own heart. Each woman is unique, and Monica is committed to creatively personalizing her program to the individual needs of her clients.


Christie, High School English Teacher


I just finished Monica’s wonderful program, and I highly recommend it for anyone who feels called to the vocation of marriage, especially those who have waited for this vocation longer than he or she would have wanted. Monica has given me tools, concepts, and insights that I will continue to apply and use in my dating life. I’m even able to apply some of the tools to other areas of my life – bonus! 🙂 Monica has been such a wise, insightful, supportive, and encouraging presence in my life – it has been such a gift to have a great friend walk beside me as I navigate the dating world. Thank you, Monica!! I highly recommend this program.

Katie, Nurse


Before coaching I was held back by all my self doubts about “not being enough” and/or “being too much.” After coaching, the guided meditations by Monica and reflections based journal prompts helped me to learn that I am enough and that my fears have been holding me back from the man that God has out there for me. 


 Dominique, Education Assistant 

Before coaching I struggled with self confidence. After coaching it was as if I was a better person taking the first step towards a relationship rather than being shy or over thinking.

Scott, Food Service Employee 

Chris and I have a beautiful marriage and growing family. We have passion and we motivate each other to become our best selves every day. I knew he was the the right match for me on our first date because I implemented the steps that I teach in my dating program.  Let me help you find your perfect match today!

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