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SOUL To Soul Coaching

Work with Monica to learn how to find your soulmate

By signing up as my client you will get:

  • A destiny road map created to help lead you to your perfect match
  • A program helping you to find your perfect match (developed by my team which includes a licensed therapist and a mindful coach)
  • A workbook (including my 8 step process, as well as inspiration, journal entries, visualization techniques, meditations, reflections)
  • Eight 45-minute coaching sessions over Zoom conferencing over a 3-month period
  • Six 30-minute calls for quick inspiration and support
  • Email support

At the end of your coaching services you will:

  • Discover and avoid the signs of a toxic/abusive man
  • Implement the 8 keys that will keep you out of a toxic relationship forever
  • Build trust with yourself by learning how to pay attention to your intuition
  • Reconnect to yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically through learning how to hear the voice of Jesus to lead you down the path you are supposed to follow
  • Define what a soulmate is and why it’s crucial to find him in order to fulfill your destiny
  • Have a clear plan for what kind of man you are looking for, and how to find him
  • Learn a system to ensure you are dating men who are compatible with you — heart, mind, body, and spirit
  • Have power over letting go and forgiving past men who have hurt you
  • Heal from toxic/traumatic relationships
  • Create a toolbox for your own individualized self-care routine
  • Identify intentional living and get specific about the life you want to live
  • Remove emotional blocks that keep you stuck in the same negative emotional dating patterns
  • Fulfill your destiny and true purpose through reaching your highest potential
  • Automatically join the Facebook Soulful Sisterhood community to connect with like-minded women
  • Support you through the dating process
  • Build your self-esteem and self-worth

If you are ready to take control of your life, then let’s begin our journey — today!


What topics do I coach on?

Reaching your highest potential through:

  • Women’s empowerment
  • Self-healing, self-care, self-love, and transformation
  • Supporting you through the dating process to navigate you toward your soulmate

Responsibilities as your coach:

  • 100% commitment to you
  • An interactive dialogue regarding what you need
  • An individualized plan to fit your specific needs
  • Help you reach your goals
  • A friend and sister to rely on for your journey!

Your responsibility:

  • A commitment to your well being
  • Being able to work on your interior self
  • Willing cooperation with my program and advice
  • Accountability for positive change
  • Completing homework
  • Being creative and having fun with it!

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