As human beings, each gender has feminine and masculine energy. Men are innately attracted to the feminine and women are innately attracted to the masculine energy. If one is a bit unbalanced, it throws off the natural balance of the entire relationship. If a woman is too aggressive, she can push a man away. This is especially true for successful, driven women. And if a man does not take enough leadership, he too can hinder the relationship. Therefore, a man should carry the majority of the masculine energy in a relationship and the woman should carry the majority of the feminine energy. Activating feminine energy takes a more passive role in the relationship, however, it is equally as powerful as the masculine role.

Masculine Energy 

It is of the utmost importance to find a man who aligns with his masculine energy. Masculine energy directed in a healthy way will look like a man who can lead the relationship with a healthy pace in order to grow toward a committed relationship. Without proper masculine energy in place, he will not allow himself to become vulnerable and lead. Thus the relationship will fizzle out and the woman will be stuck doing most of the work in the relationship, such as setting up and planning dates. This will lead to resentment on both sides. 

Proper masculine energy shows he cares  enough to lead. Consistent and reliable leadership will also help the woman trust him and lean into the relationship more by becoming more vulnerable. It will allow both of you to give and receive, similar to a beautiful dance. Masculine energy should affirm the woman and her individuality, and should build a healthy emotional connection over time. If he does not have proper masculine energy in place, it could be that it might not be a match.

Here are some examples that demonstrate masculine energy (as a man).

  • Is confident in his manhood and is comfortable in his own skin.
  • Can be vulnerable to share parts of himself.
  • Can lead without the fear of rejection holding him back.
  • Can steer the relationship at a healthy pace.

Here are some examples that demonstrate masculine energy (as a woman).

  • Taking too much action without letting the man lead
  • Feeling the need to “achieve” in the relationship, similar to a career
  • Forcing a relationship, which can push away love instead of attracting it naturally
  • Steering the direction and pace of a relationship
  • Being emotionally closed off
  • Having too much anxiety/ stress in your mind and body, and not being present

Being in your feminine realm is the true, authentic self. When a woman takes on masculine behavior, it is usually because she is avoiding vulnerability. This can be often fear led. For example, she may not feel comfortable in silence so she rushes the conversation, say things impulsively that she doesn’t mean that she might regret later, or are not fully present in the conversation because she is uncomfortable with uncertainty. These behaviors often mask her truth. However, being comfortable in your skin is true, feminine power. 

Feminine Energy

Being in your feminine energy is a relaxed, easier, and calmer way to date without adding pressure on the outcome. This allows her to be at peace and free from stress and anxiety. This will also provide her with a more patient mindset. Men will also notice the calm demeanor and be attracted to it. It will also empower them to lead the relationship more as well.

Being the feminine is sitting in the calm centered self and being confident in her own skin. It is here that she will be able to calmly evaluate if her date is the right match. It is in this calm space where she can evaluate how he is making her feel and discern if they are emotionally compatible.

Allowing your feminine to shine will allow you true freedom to express yourself fully while honoring your true and authentic self.

Here are some examples that demonstrate feminine energy:

  • Holding your strength on the inside without feeling the need to push it onto men.
  • Being gentle.
  • Being flexible to the natural pace of the relationship.
  • Being vulnerable and keeping an open heart. (Vulnerability is true power.)
  • Being tuned into your body. Are you relaxed? Are you smiling?
  • Being fully present and awake.
  • Slowing down and moving gracefully.
  • The ability to receive positive attention and compliments.

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(Taken from the book “Toxic to Soulmate Love” by Monica Braun)

Monica Braun founded Soul to Soul Coaching to help support single men and women live a soul centered life. She helps men and women successfully engage in the dating process by teaching them how to attract their soulmate and connect with them on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Her coaching program is inspired by her step by step process that she personally used to go from single to soulmate. She is a speaker and an author. She has written the book called “From Toxic to Soulmate Love.[/author_info] [/author]

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