Understanding feminine and masculine polarity, or the way men and women relate to one another, is vital when it comes to building healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Summary of Masculine and Feminine

If a woman is seen as too masculine, or the man is seen as too feminine, it will throw off the natural flow of the relationship. For example, if the man does not lead from the beginning of a relationship and the woman leads in his place, the relationships simply will not flourish. Examples of this can include when women are seen as ‘pushy’ at the beginning of the relationship or when the man is put into the ‘friend zone’ early on in the relationship. 

Difference in Brains

The two main distinguishing factors between men and women is that women need to feel understood and have their feelings respected, while men need to feel appreciated and have their thoughts respected. Some researchers even believe that men and women’s brains are wired differently and that is why they  handle attachments and conflict differently from one another. 

The ‘Dance’ Metaphor

A metaphor for this balance is a dance. When men and women give and receive, back and forth, then the relationship will move with rhythm and direction. It should be a process that develops over time and which also connects two partners emotionally. When the other person truly understands what the other needs, then emotional intimacy and trust can grow more abundantly.

In order to ebb and flow with the natural flow of the relationship, it is important to listen and observe what the other person needs. And if you are unsure of how to proceed, ask! Communication is key to building a relationship that can sustain through the test of time. Learning what men and women need to feel emotionally safe is the way forward for healthy and fulfilling relationships to transpire. Ultimately, when both partners can become their true, authentic selves with one another, being vulnerable and honest, and leaning into who God created them to be more fully, than the relationship will grow in prosperity. This is true love at its finest.

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