Becoming intentional will be a game changer when it comes to dating.

For example, if you are intentional about being healthier, you might meal plan, go to the grocery store and buy healthier foods, and exercise more.

But how do you date more intentionally?

Dating with intention will help put some of the power back into your hands.

When you date intentionally you are intentionally seeking a husband/wife. Through this process, you are discerning whether or not they are a match for you.

That is why it is crucial to understand yourself, what you want, and the most important virtues you are looking for in another person. As you date, you should actively evaluate and discern whether or not the person has those specific virtues. Of course, it takes time to truly learn about someone. But as you do, you will discover and clarify whether or not they are a good fit for you based on their traits.

Questions you might ask yourself before you begin the dating process are:

-Who will I choose to date?

-How will I date?

-What kind of partnership am I looking for?

Below are a few thoughts to ponder as you begin Intentional Dating:

-How do you want to feel when you are around them?

-How do they actually make you feel?

-Do they make your life better or worse?

-Do they make you closer to God?

-Notice their energy and actions. How do their actions affect others?

Prepare the questions beforehand:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to find out if they have the specific virtues you are looking for. Ask one or two lighthearted questions to find out more about them and whether or not they have these qualities. After each date, you will learn more about them so be patient.

As you progress in your relationships, you can ask more in-depth questions to learn more about them and whether or not they are the right fit for you.

Pray for direction and open your heart and mind to the Holy Spirit as you follow the process.

Good luck in life and love,


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