Relationships are pivotal for our health and happiness. We are formed for community and many times God does the most work with us within our relationships.

“A lovesick panda once said this quote “if you’ve never been hurt, you’re either very lucky or very lonely.”

Read below for some interesting facts about the importance of relationships and how they can transform us from the inside out.

Some Interesting Facts About Love

-Holding a loved one’s hand can relieve pain and stress

-Looking at a picture of a loved one can relieve pain

-Cuddling with a companion can relieve pain

-When two people love each other and look into each others’ eyes their heart rates synchronize

(Taken from Bored

Astounding, benefits right!?

Stay the course

So, when you feel like you want to give up on love, remember that even though it is not easy, it is worth it.

Below are some tips to help you practice self care while you are dating:

-Journal about your dating experiences to help you reflect

-Meditate to help you process emotions and help you become more mindful and take control of your thoughts

-Talk to a friend or reach out to a professional for support

-Pray about it

-If you have a negative experience while dating, try not to take it personally. Remind yourself that everyone is on their own journey and someone else’s behavior does not reflect upon you

-Practice saying loving affirmations

Soulmate love will transform you from the inside out, and even relieve some pain along the way…

Stay the course, stay true to who you are, and remember that true love will find you at the right place and time. The path will unravel before you with every step; each step you take is moving you powerfully in the right direction. Nothing that is meant for you will pass you by! So, take a step and be at peace knowing the rest will unravel according to God’s plan.

Reach out if you need support!


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