I am thrilled to share the event below in which I got to share the virtual stage with New York Times Bestselling Author and World Renown Speaker Marianne Williamson.

In my speech, Awakening to the Power Within, I discuss what lead me to become a relationship coach and why I have created my Intentional Dating Program (for those who are single), Intentional Love Program (for those in relationships) and Intentional Marriage Program (for those who are married).

As you know, I was single for 17 years and the Intentional Dating Program I created and used in my personal life transformed my relationship with men. In fact, it directly lead me to my husband.

Now, we have a thriving marriage with unbounded emotional intimacy, we can have candid conversations that help us to grow and become our best selves, and most importantly we strive to embody a holy relationship that leads us closer to Christ.

Click on this link to watch my video and learn more about my journey and my coaching programs:


My speech starts around 32 minutes.

I encourage you to click below and schedule a free consultation to learn about how I can transform your dating life:


PS. The holidays are just around the corner, if you are truly ready to become empowered in your dating life then don’t hesitate to reach out! I offer payment plans and packages at various price points.

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