I have had the honor and privilege to be mentored by Marianne Williamson and soon I get to share the stage with her!

A few months into the pandemic, Marianne Williamson got together with me and several other authors and asked, how can we create a powerful event for women to help their dreams come true?

I followed my dream and now I am a speaker, author, and international relationship coach. I want you to follow your dream as well!

This event is a TED Talk-style exploration meant to inspire other women. It takes place Sunday at 2pm ET.

How A Woman Can Make Her Dreams Come TrueRegister here for free: www.MarianneWilliamsonPresents.com

This is a moment for us to come together as women and people who love women, to get serious about our life choices. You are one decision away from living the life you have always dreamed of.

Register here for free: www.MarianneWilliamsonPresents.com

Hope to see you there,


P.S. Making your dreams come true as a woman, may start with a wish or desire, but there is so much more to making them come true. Find out how these women did it and hear Marianne Williamson’s thoughts on the subject. Register here for free


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