I remember when I was dating.

My favorite type of guy was the assertive, charming, insensitive type.

After years of dating this type of man, over and over again, I FINALLY realized I was choosing the kind of man who was all wrong for me.

I had what is called a “subconscious dating pattern.” Meaning, I was choosing the wrong men, blindly, over and over again. After several heartbreaks, I finally went forth in a different direction.

The kind of man that I truly desired needed to be gentle, kind, and non judgmental. Once I found him, I never let him go! We have now been married for 6 years and have a growing family.

So, why had I chosen the wrong kind of men for so long? Because I was unaware of my heart and spirit truly longed for.

My husband’s gifts encourage me to be myself authentically and it has encouraged me to awaken fully. In one word, my husband’s gifts gave me a sense of freedom I had never felt before. He affirms and validates me which allows my heart to thrive.

So, be encouraged today! Dating with intention can change everything for you. Become proactive!

Here are a few tips to break yourself of unconciouse dating patterns that could be standing in the way between you and your future husband.

1). Shut Off Your Mind

Yes, logic is obviously important but so is listening to your feelings, intuition, and inner voice. When we lead too much with logic it can confuses our feelings. And your feelings are critical because God speaks through the desires of your heart.

2). Ask Yourself the Important Questions and Be Honest With Yourself

Reflect on the past men you have dated. What can you learn from those relationships? I’m sure you certainly know what you DON’T want, now!

What qualities are the most important to you? Who is the kind of man that lights you up? Who is the type of man that affirms your femininity? What kind of man is going to encourage you to indulge your spirit in joy and peace? Does he need to have Empathy? Vulnerability? Honesty? Integrity?

3). Follow Your Heart and Be Intentional

I offer sessions to strategize about the kind of man that will work best for your personality type and emotional needs. With my support, we will review your dating patterns and I will support you to break free from patterns that do not serve you. Afterward, you will be empowered and one step closer to finding your perfect match…

Go forth on the path of intention. Have faith believing that you are steps away from finding your perfect match.

It all starts with understanding yourself deeply. After that, you are half way there.

And it will be worth it!


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