Get out there and date and here is why:

1). The more hands on dating experience you get, the more you will clarify what you want/don’t want in a significant other which will bring you closer to meeting your perfect match.

2). You will gain confidence.

3). You will practice your conversational skills.

4). You will lean into being vulnerable and keeping an open heart (very carefully, of course).

5). You will network and maybe end up meeting your special someone through someone else.

6). You will work on developing a growth mindset and hopefully practice not taking rejection personally but understand that it is all a process to lead you to the right one.

7). Test everything according to God’s Will. You don’t know what (or whose) direction He wants you to guide your life towards so get out there and take the first step.

7). Try to have fun ❤

Remember, you get to choose what your dating life looks like. So get behind the wheel, and let God steer you in the right direction.

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