My husband and I just had our third baby. We are so blessed to have had a beautiful, healthy baby girl!

However, for my third child, the pregnancy and the recovery was much harder than I expected. In fact, my husband Chris had to become our caretaker. He has had to take care of me as well as our two other children, who are two and four years old. Some of my husband’s chores have included making dinner, giving the kids baths, doing laundry, and making sure that all of our needs were met because I was immobile.

When choosing a mate, I suggest choosing one based on their moral character. You can do this by evaluating their actions.

Soulmate love is an unconditional, bountiful love that puts the other person first. Following these guidelines will be one of the main determiners for what kind of husband or wife they will be and what kind of marriage you will have.

1. Being Charitable

St. Augustine said “Charity is a virtue which, when our affections are perfectly ordered, unites us to God, for by it we love him.”

-Does the person treat you with love and respect?

-Do they have a heart of service?

2. Being Generous

-Do they give of themselves, openly and without reward?

-Do they listen and give you what you need (or try to)?

3. Being Patient

-Do they demonstrate understanding when you need to be forgiven?

-Are they patient in challenging times?

These virtues are the building blocks of a holy relationship that is centered in Christ. will provide you with a healthy, loving and fulfilling relationship that will fulfill you emotionally and spiritually.

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