When I was dating I was OVERWHELMED, to say the least. Which website should I go to? Which man should I date? How should I act on the first date?

Questions would arise in my mind such as what if I do it wrong? What if I choose the wrong website? What if I choose the wrong man to date?

Listen up, ladies. I am here to rescue you from the thoughts in your mind that can reak havoc on your dating life.

Stop thinking so much.

First, have you ever heard that there is no perfect action, just right action? This means that sometimes we are in our head WAY TOO MUCH.

Just jump right in. The only way to fail is by not starting.

Narrow your dream guy down.

Second, make a list of ALL the qualities you are looking for in a man.

Then, narrow it down to a list of 10.

Then, narrow it down to a list of 3.

This will ensure that you are prioritizing what is really important when it comes to finding your guy.

For example, when I started dating, I said I wanted a man who was:

tall, dark, handsome, had nice hair, Christian, enjoyed traveling, athletic, lived in Chicago, liked the Michigan State Spartans…..

Messy list, huh? Yep!

However, the only thing that really mattered was a few HUGE priorities. Well, two. Being a Christian. Next, he needed to love me. And do it well.

That was it!

And guess what, I got a man who had all of the qualities I originally wanted. But when I narrowed it down to one or two qualities, it made dating so much easier. And when you find your right match, everything will fall into place.

Listen to your intuition


Yes, I know. Our lives have become so busy sometimes it is hard to listen to someone that we are having a conversation with on the phone let alone listen to our intuition.

That is why it is a MUST to get quiet. Breathe. Let go. Pray. And see where Jesus is guiding you. Learn to build that relationship with yourself and trust your gut to make the decisions He is calling you to make.

Once you get that relationship down with yourself, the rest will fall into place….

Let 2020 be YOUR year. Remember, you are in charge, here.

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