Happy Mindful Monday!

Let’s focus on humility.

YES, humility.

When we think of Jesus this is probably one of the first things that we think of. Especially since this is so integrally connected to the third sorrowful mystery- the crown of thorns.

They mocked Jesus by giving Him a crown of thorns and a purple robe as they called Him “King of the Jews.”

Did Jesus get angry? Did He use his divine power for revenge? NO.

This truly amazes me.

Even though we could never be this perfect-we should at least try, eh?

We could all use some more humility. Especially me, when I get angry my Italian temper flares and the last thing I want to do is “Turn the other cheek” Matthew 5:38-40. In fact, most of the time I would rather yell in someone’s face instead.

So, how do we become more humble?

First of all, humility means “Recognizes one’s total dependence on God.” When we think of humility in this perspective it doesn’t seem so daunting.

1). TRUST, TRUST and more TRUST

But I want this job! Or I want my finances to be better! Or, this isn’t fair, I didn’t plan on getting sick today! These are all examples of when things don’t go as planned in our lives. But, if we TRUST in God’s plan, these things don’t seem AS burdensome.

2).  How do we TRUST? BE mindFUL.

Close your eyes. Focus on your breath. Your mind will wander-that is normal. Focus on your breath again. Your mind will wander again. Continue the process. Notice how fast your heart is beating. Notice the pattern of your breath- is it shallow or fast? You will start to feel calmer after a few minutes.

Research says the more that you meditate you will naturally become more mindful and present.

3). It pays to be more mindful

As you become more mindful, you will start to be more present in your daily life. You will start to pay attention to your thoughts more. As this happens more and more, you will have the POWER to choose better thoughts rather than your thoughts running the show. 

4). To do or not to do?

When a worry enters your mind–choose to surrender it to Jesus. It will get easier. In fact, research says that it takes 30 days to choose new habits.

Happy Meditating!

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