Often times our hectic lives make us feel like we are trapped in our to do lists and never ending tasks. But, making space for Jesus is the best way to live because He brings peace and wisdom to all situations. Remember, He will make a path when there is no path!

As we enter the fourth week of lent, hopefully we have spent some time working on our interior prayer life. If not, that is alright, too, there is still time!

Here are a few tips to continue to grow our relationship with Jesus as Easter Sunday approaches.

Journal Writing: I had a friend who would write all of her prayers down in a journal as if she was writing a letter to a friend. This is a great way to build your relationship with Jesus like you would talk to a companion or friend. Writing is also a great way to process and articulate your thoughts and needs so that you are able to feel peace afterward. In fact, it has been said that writing things down, like a checklist, for example, helps clear the mind of clutter and stress, especially before bed. 

Meditation: Nothing calms my mind more than mindful breathing. Taking just a few moments to focus on your breath, exhaling in and out, has the impact to decrease the stress in your mind and body significantly. It has also been known to improve your memory and sleep. No need to overthink it, just focus on your exhale and inhale. Be mindful of the presence of Jesus in and around you. There are some great you tube videos out there for beginners if you need additional help with this.

Quotes from Scripture: These make great mantras to help you focus your thoughts and energy on Jesus. A mantra is a short phrase that is repeated over and over again to empower and calm you. In fact there are some extraordinary passages that focus on choosing faith instead of fear. For example: The scripture passage “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phillippians 4:13 helps you focus on the abundance that Jesus provides, instead of the lack.

Try one or two of these tips and see how your day transforms itself. You have nothing to lose when you become closer to Jesus and everything to gain.

Happy Lent!

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