We are all busy. We are busy with activities, chores, checking social media and the list goes and on and on. The more we do, the more overwhelmed we become. We are just trying to keep up and stay up-literally trying to keep our heads up-above the water of our ever increasing, over stuffed schedules. If you are anything like me, you are just trying to survive.

Before we know it, the day is over and the kids need to be bathed and tucked in, or perhaps you have had a long day and need to rest quietly with a good book or sit in front of the TV. Sometimes we just need to shut off, from it all. And with good reason!

We have all been there. Too many times. Sometimes we live here, in this chaotic space, all too often. I know I do. We get comfortable in the hectic day to day living. But-there is a better way.  And there is no better way to start the Lent season then through increasing our prayer life.

How do we make time to center ourselves daily and make time for Jesus? Often times He gets left behind in the groceries and paying bills. BUT, that relationship that you build with Him is going to pay off the most. It is going to keep us from drowning in the waves when a storm abruptly comes. That storm could be a sick family member, losing a job, or just needing help to get through the day.

We need Jesus as an anchor when that storm arises. We need Him to throw us a life boat to save us from drowning. Here are a few important ways to try and help you navigate your day WITH him by your side, instead of rushing ahead of him.

Take a seat, have a sip of coffee, wine, or tea, and get comfortable. It is time to invest in the most important relationship of all. Here are a few tips to get us started:

Make a routine: Habits are formed from daily practice. Make prayer a convenient time for you. If you have time in the morning, pray for a few minutes then.  If evenings work better for you, pray at night. Even just spending five minutes a day in prayer can dramatically effect your life.

Attending mass/service: It is important to schedule time on the weekend to attend mass or service. It may be hard with the kiddos, but it is well worth it. Just like any relationship, what you put in, is what you get out. Giving your kids lessons on the importance of church and teaching them about it (For example: When they complain, why do we have to go to church?) Insert teachable moment. This gives you an opportunity to enrich their knowledge and faith. You will also be modeling to them the importance of attending mass.

I suggest one of these exercises to practice for one week. See how you grow stronger in your faith in peace. “The peace of Christ passeth all understanding” Phillippians 4:7

Let me know how it works out for you in the comment space provided.  I will provide more tips next time. Happy lent!




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