I always want to be in control.  Of my finances,  of my future.  Of everything, really.

The other night after running errands,  I found myself driving in the darkness as the rain pounded heavily upon the windshield.

I was grateful for the headlights in my car that shown brightly upon the darkness of the open road. They helped me see a few feet at a time. And then a few feet more. And before I knew it, I was home.

To me, faith is a lot like this. Some days upon the open road of life are desolate, dark, treacherous, much like the ever changing weather.  We want to be in control, especially when times are uncertain.

We demand answers to questions such as When? How? Why? These questions persist in our minds, especially when we are waiting for our destination to arrive.

These times require patience, trust, and submission to God’s plan.

So, instead of anticipating our final destination before we have left the driveway, let’s try to enjoy the journey- even the small steps. And until then, let’s try to be patient with ourselves, if we take a few missteps across the way. The final destination will be well worth it.





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