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I can hear the countless students call my name impatiently throughout the day “Mrs. Braun…Mrs. Braun…Mrs. Braun!”

I stop myself from impatiently snapping back, “What do you WANT?”

I have 140 students that range from 15-17 years old. I love my job, but sometimes I need just a little bit more Jesus to help me throughout the day.

I need more patience, kindness, mercy, love. Especially when the boys in my Junior English class refuse to sit in their chairs. And the class period lasts for an hour and thirty minutes.

So, I ask Jesus for help in my desperation.

One prayer I often say is “Please help me Jesus!” Or “Lord help me!”

These prayers give me hope as I wrangle the boys back in their chairs. Maybe, just maybe, they will stay seated for the rest of the period, I quietly hope to myself.

There are many days I feel emotionally and physically depleted, like I have nothing more to give. But Jesus fills me up again, with love, guidance, and everything good.

We are all so overwhelmed with busy work lives, over scheduled agendas, keeping up with social media, and never ending extracurricular activities for our children, that we forget who we are at our center.

The bible reminds us that “The Kingdom of God is within you” Luke 17:21.

How often we forget to celebrate this miracle by living joyfully and peacefully in His presence.

So, in an effort to keep Jesus in the center of my busy life, I try to bring my mind back to Him as often as I can throughout the day. Now, I may forget, or put it off until tomorrow, but when I do say a small, quick prayer, it is a big step in the right direction toward our Lord.









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